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Silent Walk FPS Creator 2.1.1 [by YAKUBKILL]

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Silent Walk FPS CreatorSilent Walk FPS Creator torrent

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If you like playing 3D games, you can create your own custom game scenes, characters, weapons and design your own game. Silent Walk FPS Creator is a tool that helps you design and build your dream 3D game - without a single line of code! This is not just a tool, but it is also a complex game environment. There is no need for special additional software to run your game. And better yet, you do not need programming knowledge! Silent Walk handles and encrypts your game resources, stores your game data and creates the final executable file.Sell their games for money or just to show them to your friends. You will be able to organize a competition or other types of events that are based on their artistic ideas! Silent Walk comes with an easy to use full 3D game editor. There are walls, teleports, general objects, lights, enemies and more. Start the program and you can start building your game immediately. Simply select the icon that represents the element you want to place and click on the 3D editor grid.Silent Walk is a WYSIWYG editor. You can see the objects and other game elements like the last game. Using a user-friendly GUI you can immediately change any aspect or element of the game.You can rotate and move the camera to the scene, so you can see all the angles. You can zoom in and out, move the camera back and forth to Advanced result.Lights handled in real time, so you can test and see things in different light conditions. Using dynamic lights makes a big impact on your game.There braided Weapon HUD and Animation editor. With this tool, you can put a gun players HUD and change its position. This is essentially the view that shows when a user picks up a gun and displayed on the screen. When a user performs an action with a weapon is animated by type weapon.There two types of weapons, and melee weapons. What weapon HUD Editor you can set the start and end point of the animated movements and Silent Walk calculates the meantime animation creation frames.During game you need a lot of textures to meet different game elements. You can use your own textures by importing them. Texture importisto displays all the available textures, so you can easily browse and selct the ones you need.Remember no programming knowledge is required! You do not have to write one line of code or script to do game.-Full 3D editor Animated 3DS, X and B3d model-quality textures, MIP-mapping support (BMP, JPEG, TGA, JPG), 3D sound and music (MP3, ogg, wav, XM) Multi-antauxdifinitaj floors and UV mapped static elements of the pre-trigger system, enemy AI personal HUD-Animated weapon movement encrypted media Computer: DirectX 7.0 compatible required-CPU: Pentium IV Võ i Athlon 2.0 GHz or faster processor required Memory: 512MB RAM required Graphics Card: 64 MB 3D video card required-Sound Card: DirectX 7.0-compatible audio device. Input: Keyboard and mouse required-Installation: 15MB of free hard disk space required.

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